Saturday, August 29, 2009

And on the Third Day

...she had a minor meltdown and waited patiently for the cavalry to show up and the caffeine to kick in. (I'm a little tired. I was still strippng wallpaper at 2:30.)

Slowly, I'm feeling the caffeine start to take hold. And the cavalry? Lawrence will be here in about 45 minutes. I'm mostly having him work outside today. I'll be back in the kitchen today. More fun times. This is almost as slow as the walkway job was, so, sorry, no real progress to show off. But by tonight, I'm betting there's going to be plenty done. There better be. My patience is running thin.

I'm planning to start on the kitchen floor tomorrow and, ideally, finish it. Then I'll have Lawrence back on Monday. I think I'm going to have him take out the commode so I can tile the bathroom. That way, the only curve I have to work around will be the sink -- unless it would be just as easy to take it out temporarily, too. That will be a discussion topic.

So, I need to go get things ready for Lawrence and start setting myself up a place to paint outside. (And haulin' out the rest of the doors as I still have to sand them first. Lucky me.)

The people who bought my aunt and uncle's house across the street are having a garage sale. Just since I've been sitting here, I' ve seen or heard three near crashes as people either slow down or are dumb enough to park on a four-lane roadway. Nevermind there's a side street to park on just around the corner. You've got to love idiots!

Oh well. It will give me something fun to watch while I paint, right?


Debbie said...

Dang, you are busy! Glad the meltdown passed. ha

I love yard sales, and totally understand how stupid some people can be! I hate it when they drive by reaaaaaaally slow to check out the yard sale, or stop and block traffic. HELLO, park and go look!

I hope you get a lot done today! I'm off to Home Depot for some sander paper. :)

NV said...

Debbie -- You don't even own the house yet and you're already an HD regular. Boy are they gonna love you. :-)