Friday, August 14, 2009

In the Night Sky

Happy Friday, everyone! Are you as happy as I am that it’s Friday?!

It’s surprisingly cool this morning, close to 60. I’m glad that I opted to spend a few seconds to grab a summer jacket as it is ridiculously cold on the bus. (Although it was an action that distracted me from getting my jewelry so I sit here with naked ears and fingers!) It will probably take me most of the morning to thaw.

Did you catch any of the Perseid meteor showers this week? (Chose this link because of its night sky diagram.) Surprisingly enough, I did.

On Wednesday night, I was taking some trash out and some things to throw to the birds when, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a shooting star. Now I don’t live in the country. There’s a street light both out front and out back. Even so, this thing was bright. Very fleeting, but very bright. It was awesome.

An hour or so later, I went back outside to grab something out of the car. As I was walking up the driveway, I saw another one! This one wasn’t nearly as bright – or as fleeting – it actually took a few seconds to disappear. It reminded me of one of the sparkly remnants of a fireworks display wafting back to earth. Too freakin’ cool!

I’m glad I got to see it. Sometimes those little things pay off in big ways.


Debbie said...

Awww, I wish I would have remembered to stay up and see it!

Unfortunately, I had a migraine most of the week, and went to bed at 7:30 that night.

And yes, I am soo happy it's Friday!

Jayne said...

One of my friends reminded me about it, so I drove out to the country. I saw several with long trails. Amazing.

NV said...

Debbie -- It was such a pleasant surprise! I sure didn't expect to see anything.

Jayne -- That's awesome!

Anonymous said...