Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Running List

I think I mentioned the dizzying amount of stuff that’s on my to-do list for the bathroom and kitchen by the time the mother returns from her trip. But … I’m hoping that that can be reduced by accomplishing a variety of activities before she even leaves. Here’s that part of the list.

· Strip wallpaper
· Skim-coat walls (2 coats)
· Sand walls
· Paint walls
· Rebuild cabinet doors (Similar to what I did in the kitchen by locking in the new panels with brads and finishing out the inside with pine strips.)

· Work out a refacing solution for the cabinet drawers (Seven, plus two fake plates in front of the sink. I’m sure I have more than enough leftover beadboard to work out something. This may be an activity I’ll have to wait and engage Lawrence in.)
· Fill in existing hardware holes on cabinet doors
· Start sanding cabinet doors (All 18 of ‘em)
· Subsequently start painting cabinet doors

I’m making myself tired just thinking about it, especially considering the limited amount of time in which to get this stuff done.

To accomplish all this plus everything else that’s not even listed here while she’s gone, I will need to do one very important activity: Wheedle information out of the mother. I need to find out what paint she is planning to use for the cabinets (I think they’re all getting primed and then painted) AND what paint she is using for all the hinges. I’ll admit it. I’m confused at this point. (If you see how much paint is laying around everywhere, believe me, you’d understand why.)

Also, I’ll need to find out which handles she wants where. We have two kinds. The cup kind where you put all your fingers in the little “cup” shape to open it and the classic simple knob kind. I’ve got to figure out what “vision” she has for using these little numbers as I don’t plan to fill holes and repaint cabinets/drawers AGAIN once she gets home!


Vicki said...

I'm going to go take a nap. You wore me out too ;) Hopefully the weather will cooperate with you while she's gone!

De-Blurker Kate said...

You're killing me. For totally selfish reasons I want you to get the kitchen cabinet doors done & posted. I've thought about doing the beadboard thing to mine for years but have been too afraid to try it because if I screw them up, I can't afford to replace them.

And I was going to leave my drawer fronts as is since I could never come up with a better solution. I'm very creatively challenged!

NV said...

V -- Yeah, I'm tired thinking about it all, that's for sure! I'm hoping Mother Nature is good, too. She hasn't been very nice lately.

Kate -- Sorry to keep you waiting! I'm going as fast as I can. Nobody wants that kitchen done worse than I do. :-)

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