Friday, August 28, 2009


Except for the late start, shopping and a trip to the vet, today is a carbon copy of yesterday. I'm STILL working on those d*mn cabinets. Still. And I won't finish them tonight either. But I'll be close.

I won't have done anything to the drawer fronts. Decided until I see what Lawrence has come up with, it's kind of pointless. So, I'll wait.

Back to the vet trip ... Taz is a girl! In fairness to me, even the vet looked twice. "Built like a boy, too. And those feet are HUGE!," quoth the vet. She was terrified at the vet's but very well behaved. Poor Taz.

She's a saint compared to Toby. I am so ready to ship that cat off to the mother, I could cry. (No drugs yet for him. Dammit. I'm about to the point where they could just give them to ME. I'm sick of his crap.)

I was going to take the rest of the cabinet doors outside and set them up so I could do several at once. After being gray all day, the sky finally opened up. So, that plan is shot.

Since I'm stuck one or two at a time, I'd better get moving if I'm going to accomplish anything today!


kaypasa2001 said...

ahahaha, Taz is a girl! I love it! Poor Toby. Sorry he's so freaky.

I have a question on my mind. Obviously you've had this house for some time - long enough to pay it off, right? So how come you need to do all these ENORMOUS, MAJOR projects all at once? I mean, couldn't you do the bathroom one year, take a break for a decade, then start on kitchen cabinets?

It's just on my mind. But then, I'm one who does the dishes, takes a break for a decade, and then thinks about vacuuming.

Anonymous said...

Love the wording .... "Damn Cabinets"
I have come to believe that every project will have the word "Damn" as a prefix.

A baby girl kitty.


Vicki said...

Wow, you had the opposite experience with your Taz. It's shocking though isn't it :)