Friday, August 28, 2009

And on the Second Day

...she'll be getting a late start. She has to take Taz to the vet in a few hours so it makes no sense to get too immersed in anything. Besides, I have a variety of things I need to pick up and take back so I may as well do that after I get back since I'll be dressed already, right? And there isn't much to eat in this house either!

It rained a little over night. Glad I didn't leave anything outside. So much for the rain "not hitting our area." I'm clearly in the wrong line of work.

My goals for the day:
*Finish the cabinet boxes OVER the sink. Return most of contents. Finish painting and attach doors. (That's right. I said put those d*mn doors on! I've been waiting MONTHS for this.)
*Finish the cabinets UNDER the sink.
*Start the cabinets OVER the stove.
*Pull the refrigerator out. Clear cabinet above it; sand and paint.
*Clean and paint woodwork behind fridge.
*Strip bathroom wallpaper.
*Create a Lawrence list for tomorrow.

It won't all get done. I just have to accept that. But, I am going to attack it with a vengeance later today. I figure that I can split my time between the bathroom and kitchen while Lawrence is here tomorrow as I have mostly outdoor tasks for him to do.

I'm thinking I may have him come back Tuesday to work on the kitchen. That would give me Monday to complete both kitchen and bath floors. I don't know. I'm still trying to work out the best order of things. The animals and having only one bath are not making this easy, but I'm muddling through.


Victoria said...

Just the 'taking down the wall paper in the bathroom' part makes me shiver.

Thats days worth of work in itself. Sometimes you find neat finds under all the layers. happy peeling. ;)

Karen Anne said...

I can;t remember, does your Mom know you're doing this, or is it a surprise?

NV said...

Victoria -- Unfortunately, nothing neat under this stuff! And stripping it just plain sucks. Can't wait to finish it though because then the bath can really start to take shape!

KarenAnne -- She knew I was taking some vacation and that I was going to be working on the house. She did not know that I was going to push things into hyperdrive. :-)