Monday, August 24, 2009

In Training

I feel like an athlete of sorts, in training. The weekend was definitely an exercise to prepare me for what lies ahead.

Having said that, I failed the test miserably. I had intended to get so much done this weekend and I really didn’t. Unfortunately, I didn’t allow for the amount of time that planning and preparation were going to take. That was an .activity that ate up much of yesterday.

I had forgotten that Wednesday is our group’s night to have the company suite. I always look forward to this, since it is, awesome. I’ll have to miss this year though since there will be no one to look after the critters. Oh well. I definitely have more important things to do.

In the meantime, I’m having a tough time trying to decide where to start. I think that I will start with the kitchen floor. I will get a section of that done and then start with a kitchen cabinet. While both of those are setting up, I can start on the bathroom. Then, I can restart the process. At least for now, that seems to make sense.

In the interim, I neglected to call Lawrence on Friday, so I have got to do that today. I’m hoping that I can confirm Saturday and Monday with him, and even a bit of Tuesday if needed. I know I’ll need at least two of those days. And, if we can devise a plan for the drawer fronts, I will definitely need the third day. It’s a lot to try and get done. And I know it’s more than overly ambitious. But you never really know what you can achieve until you try, right?

One thing I definitely want to do in the next week is get together with some of my friends either for lunch, dinner, drinks or a combo thereof. I’d hoped to have the house farther along and be able to host a gathering, but considering its current state, that’s not happening.

I know that the MonkeyGirl is crazed right now and that cd is busy later in the week. Maybe something over the weekend? PB, are you in? CD? MonkeyGirl? B? Are you still reading?


Anonymous said...

Let gravity guide you.
Start from the top and work down.

MonkeyGirl said...

The Monkeygirl is jetting off to the west coast for 4 days of work "fun". Mr. Monkeygirl is picking me up from the airport when I get back and we are heading straight to the lake for the weekend. I hate packing much less packing for 2 different trips at the same time! Sorry ;-( but good luck with the mission!!

plumbelieve said...

Enjoy your trip monkeygirl. Perhaps CD and I can meet you for lunch some time next week. I am dying to see the city garden. We could even have a bit of a birthday celebration for CD but unfortunately I cannot meet on that actual date.

Let me know if this will work. We may even be able to persuade LF as well but I think it may be too far for B and definitely CA.

NV said...

lemur -- You are SO very right. That's been the plan so far. Wish I was farther with that plan in the bathroom!

MG -- Have fun! At least it's something to look forward to.

PB -- Maybe one or both of you can meet me for a happy hour in the next week! That would be megafun! Otherwise we can plan on more of a group event when MG gets back in town.

Anonymous said...