Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Little Adjustment

I’m happy to report that not only did I get the paperwork in for the mother’s senior citizen tax break, the county treasurer has already recorded the change and sent an amended tax bill! Wow. That was fast.

The mother got the full $4,000 deduction which is taken directly off the assessment value. That translates to a roughly $300 savings, meaning it’s that much less money I need to send by the end of the year. YAY! It’s news that almost couldn’t come at a better time.

As I get closer to the finish line on the kitchen and bath (though still not close enough to suit me), I’m throwing a cautious eye on the budget. There aren’t too many more things we’ll need – thank God – as I still have two bedrooms and a family room to complete!

So, a bit o’ belt-tightnin’ could be in order for Q4. Having bought a car took away one bit of cash I could count on every month and we seem to go through money like water during some of these projects.

Even so, I’m not about to complain. Pearl has been a great source of joy and a wonderful form of therapy. She’s worth every cent. I just got used to having that money to go to when a project went over budget. And after three months of not having it, I’ve had to start paying attention.

I think (read: hope and pray) that all of the “big stuff” – the ceiling, appliances, flooring, fixtures, the cart, the tub surround – has been purchased. A lot depends on just how much money I spend in the next few weeks. I have a rough idea. I think it's all good. Let’s hope I’m right.


Debbie said...

Wow, that's awesome your mom gets a senior citizen tax break!

I know what you mean about the extra car payment... mine have always been around $250 or so... until I bought my SUV in March of this year. Now I pay $426 a month and that is a HUGE difference in what I get to 'play' with! But, I so love it!

NV said...

Debbie -- It's fabulous! I've NEVER had a car payment until recently. And after three months, and with all the things we've been getting for the house, that has made a difference. Oh well. Pearl's worth it. :-)

Anonymous said...