Wednesday, August 26, 2009

En Route

So, as I type this, the mother should be getting trundled into a car with her friends and heading for the airport.

She relented and had me help her pack last night. I think they should give some kind of award for this. I couldn't believe I managed to get ALL THAT STUFF into two bags. (Especially considering that for a six-day trip, she is taking EIGHT pairs of shoes. That's right. EIGHT.)

I really did start to feel like a Shriner in the Volkswagen as each time I'd think I had everything inside, she'd hand me something else. As I managed to get the final item in, without too much smooshing even, I couldn't help but ask: "You don't have any furniture or appliances you'd like to take, do you?"

I had the joy of bringing Pearl to the office today. And while I didn't leave super early like I normally do if I drive, traffic wasn't that bad. Still made it from driveway to parking garage in about 20 minutes. Impressive.

Here's hoping that both successes set a good tone for the day! And for the evening, too. There's a big kick-off tonight ... (and it has nothing to do with football).


ArdiBathrooms said...

The house looks so much better with the new paint. I feel your pain with packing, I've had to deal with that also... EIGHT pairs of shoes for 6 days is a bit extreme!

NV said...

Ardi -- Thanks! Yes, eight is extreme but definitely traveling light for the mother! :-)