Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baggage Overload

I had hoped to have so much more done already so that when Project Genesis kicks in, it would be that much less to contend with. Well, that’s just not going to happen. (That’s my code name for it. I figure if the world can be created in six days, I ought to be able to finish a small kitchen and tiny bath in the same amount of time, right?)

It sounds like an outrageous amount of time, but it’s not. Especially considering that I have three animals to contend with, two of whom (the cats) regularly log time in the two very rooms I’m focusing on. I haven’t completely resolved how that’s going to work yet, but I think I have a plan of action that may work and it gets under way tomorrow night.

Right now, it’s all I can do to get the mother packed. The collection of clothing and luggage has now spilled out of her room and into the rest of the house. I’m laughing at just how much of it there is. You’d think she was never coming back! I’m a really good packer and I travel as light as I can so I’m even more amused by just how much she thinks she can put in these bags. I’ve tried to assist but I apparently will foul it up. Nevermind I’ve racked up thousands upon thousands of miles in the past decade and she hasn’t been on a plane in more than 13 years.

She is still having trouble with the liquid/gels rule, though we’ve been talking about it for more than two months now. I’m having to go over and over it again and again to be sure that she doesn’t violate it. No you CANNOT leave your nail polish in your purse. And yes, I’m sorry, but your two-step lipliner can’t stay in there either – unless you plan on throwing both away at the airport.

I’m sorrier still that “Well, that’s stupid,” is not going to fly with the TSA, even if it is stupid. Please, don’t make them detain you.



plumbelieve said...

Too funny NV. I can only picture the mother at large in Lambert. Nail polish and two step lip liner are the necessities of life after all. I wish her, her destination and the airline the best of luck.

If I get any spare time, I will try to help out. We have more soccer tourneys this weekend and a million projects around here as well. So when you catch up there, come on over!


Vicki said...

But it would be SUCH a great blog story!

NV said...

PB -- Yep. You know how she is. And don't worry about it. You've got way more than enough on your plate. I'm still finalizing my plan of attack, but I think I got it covered.

V -- Yeah. One I hope I never have to write. :-)

Anonymous said...