Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"I refuse to endanger my children's health in a house with less than four bathrooms."

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House was on over the weekend and I couldn’t help but laugh at that line, delivered by Mrs. Blandings (Myrna Loy). I think that Mrs. Blandings was on to something. Having a single bathroom SUCKS. It should be law that any residence where more than one person lives must have at least two bathrooms. Especially when you share it with someone else and a few furry someone elses. And, especially when we’re talking about a room only slightly bigger than a postage stamp.

Case in point, last night:

NV: I’m going to take a shower now. (Goes about getting appropriate bath-related items and lays bath mat on floor.)

Toby the Cat decides this would be a good time to eat. (His bowls reside beneath the pedestal sink.)

The mother: I need to get my eye cream and the tweezers. (Enters bathroom, nearly tripping over cat and colliding with NV who is arranging bath items in tub.)

NV: Hey!

The mother: Sorry.

As everyone except the kitten is now in the bathroom, Ozzie the Yorkie arrives on scene to assess the situation. Enters bathroom.

NV: (entering shower) What is this? A family convention?


cd said...

I have multiple bathrooms, but my master bathroom must have some type of warning signal alerting my family to the danger I'm about to encounter. Each time I go into the room, everyone starts to yell "Mom", or "Mom where are you". It's as though they are saving me from the doom awaiting me in the room. Even the dog comes running as if to say "You can't possibly go in there alone, I'm coming with you".

Vicki said...

All six of the D household manage to get into the smallest rooms all the time too. It's like the family magnetism forces everyone in there at the same time. No one joined you the shower though, right?

NV said...

CD -- Then I guess it's not about having more of them after all, huh? ;-) Even so, we still need at least 2 around here.

Vicki -- No, no one joined me in the shower. Toby DID attempt to join me in the tub one time a few years back. (He likes to jump in the tub. He had just never done it before when it wa FULL. Pricless.)