Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rain Delay

I got up early this morning. Even so, I still got things going a little later than I'd planned. But considering that both the yard and the shed got done yesterday, I was still feeling pretty good about progress.

Today's list:
* Hit Home Depot and get some sand and rock. (Discovered in cleaning out the shed that I didn't have any spare sand. Sounds crazy considering that I went though about a ton of it last year! While there, return a few unneeded items.
*Use the sand -- and the concrete mix I discovered that I DID have -- to make some repairs to the walkway.
*Install decorative posts to the deckfloor.
*Put kickplate on the back door.
*Wash Pearl.

So far, I managed to complete the first and the last task. I made the Home Depot trip, came home, ignored the clouds and got everythhing out to work on the deck. It spritzed rain just as I was starting. Then, it rained a little harder.

So, I took a trip and got us some food. Came home washed Pearl (the sun was now out) and got ready to go back outside again. This time, it poured. And poured. And then poured a little more.
There are still some angry black clouds in the sky so not sure what the rest of the evening has in store.

I'm thinking my progress for the day, except for doing some things for work, is done.


MonkeyGirl said...

Imagine driving a rental car in that downpour! I had to quickly figure out where the wipers were so I could see where I was going. I was praying it wasn't going to hail because the rental beast won't fit on my side of the garage!

NV said...

MG -- UGH! I had to scramble to do that in my OWN car one day not so long ago. :- )

Anonymous said...