Thursday, August 13, 2009

STOP Spammin’ Me

If you are from the U.K. Lottery, are the widow/son/brother of a Nigerian with seized assets, want to reduce my mortgage, would like to sell me a car warranty, or are primed to sign me up for a work-from-home business venture, this message is for you:

LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! If I could reach any or all of you, I would strangle you. With my bare hands. Twice. Seriously.

Stop texting my cell phone. Stop sending me emails. Stop leaving voicemail on my answering machine. Now, refer again to the paragraph above.

I am sick of logging on, answering or replaying only to be met with your meaningless garbage. I’m tired of having to waste valuable time erasing or deleting it so that stuff that IS important doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Are we clear yet on what I want? In the words of Greta Garbo (well, sort of): “I want to be (LEFT) alone.”

Now, borrowing from the great philosopher Forrest Gump: And that’s all I have to say about that.


Debbie said...

'I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!' lol

No, seriously, I hate the spam too. It's just rude to have someone solicit my cell phone.

XM Radio is driving me NUTS. I bought a new SUV in March. It came with 3 months free XM. I never listened to it the 3 months because I have a favorite station. So... now that it's expired, they call EVERY.SINGLE.DAY

I have told them I am not interested, please take me off the list. I usually ignore the phone call and let it go to voice mail. I have about 30 missed '877' calls on my cell at any given time! Drives me crazy.

Karen Anne said...

I use thunderbird as my email program. It lets me write customized email filters.

I set up some filters and had them send the caught messages to a particular folder to be sure it was not catching real email. Then after some experience with it and tuning, I changed the working filters to send the email unread to trash. I still have some that send what they catch to the special folder for review.

I get very little spam in my inbox now, probably less than one a day, maybe five in the special folder for review, the rest, into the trash.

I would complain to your car company about XM.

NV said...

Debbie -- I just HATE that. Why can't they just leave us alone?!

Karen Anne --The cell phone ones particularly tick me off because I am paying to be solicited!

Anonymous said...