Saturday, August 22, 2009

Swiss Cheese

It’s a wonder that I didn’t dream of Swiss cheese after spending a good deal of last night filling in cabinet door holes with wood putty.

I had to fill them in front and back on 18 doors. On a few of them, I had to redo with another layer. (There’s a chance I’ll be redoing a few more of them again later.) So, that’s at least 80 holes that were filled last night. Fun times.

At least it was something I could sit on the couch and do.

I’d planned to go out and finish putting up the deck posts when I got home but, no sooner had I changed clothes and sat down to grab a quick bite than it poured down rain.

It didn’t rain for very long but it was enough to soak everything down and I didn’t really want to go crawl around on the wet ground to secure the posts. So I started filling cabinet door holes.

Soon, I’ll be ready to start sanding the doors. But that’s later in the weekend.

I have some running to do. I need to weed eat and mow. And I have to wash Pearl. If there’s any daylight left after all that, I’ll see about finishing up those posts on the deck.

Right now though I’m going back to bed for an hour or so as it’s still pretty early and I was up pretty late.


Jayne said...

That's a tedious job! I got lucky and the new cabinet pulls covered the old holes.

Anonymous said...

So you had the same down pour we got. Nothing like a change in plans.


sewwhat? said...

The doors look very beautiful! Good job!

NV said...

Jayne -- Yeah, I got that lucky the LAST time we changed out cabinet hardware. Couldn't pull it off a second time. :-)

Michele -- Yep. And now that job is so far removed from my list it isn't funny. Maybe I'll drop it on Lawrence's plate. YEAH. Now there's an idea ...

Sewwhat -- Thanks! I can't wait to have them painted and up now. Been waiting a long time to see this!

Anonymous said...