Saturday, June 28, 2008

Calling It A Day

I started my day later than I intended. I was going to go out and work on the porch but the Doppler kept showing rain on or in my neighborhood. But it didn't rain all day... until about 40 minutes ago. And it POURED. In fact, it still is.

This wouldn't be a problem except IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO RAIN. And since it WASN'T SUPPOSED TO RAIN, I cut a corner. I didn't haul 180 pounds of mortar out to the shed. Oh no. Not me. I backed the car in at the front of the driveway and unloaded the mortar in the carport. I DID take the precaution of putting it on some plastic and wrapping some around it. I only hope that it does some good.

I also unloaded 100 more bricks in the driveway. Where they can get wet.

So much for my early start plan for tomorrow. I may well go out to find three huge concrete slabs that used to be mortar and 100 bricks soaked through, clearly not a good thing to lay atop mortar mix.

Mother Nature is clearly PMSing.