Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where Do I Start?

Clearly, being intimidated by a tiny linen closet shows that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed in the projects department. And I feel so guilty. Just yesterday Ann was hailing me as "a Ninja warrior, but with cute shoes and at Home Depot with a credit card."

But, I've concluded that the linen closet will still be there. I'll come back to it. Breathe. Move on.

KayO was kind enough to share this article from the St. Petersburg Times about decluttering. It's given me a few good ideas and a sense of direction. KayO also shared her own attachment to an aged iron. As for my personal attachment to my now departed water heater, it was the only thing in the history of This D*mn House to be brought in, set up, and work everyday without incident for almost exactly 20 years. Wouldn't it be great if everything worked like that?

Vicki asked if a pair of shoes counts as one or two items in the 100 Thing Challenge. I think the pair is counted as one, but, much like Dave Bruno, I think we can all make rules for ourselves. (I think my pens count as one, even though just at work I have at least 50. Yes, it's an obsession. Deal. I also think each of my respective scrapbooking containers should count collectively as one, but I'll be generous and say four.) I don't think I'll even try to hit 100. I don't think it's possible. But, I do expect to scale back and get organized.

I remember watching an Oprah show sometime back during which the message was if you haven't used it, seen it, worn it or thought about it in at least three years, you don't need it. This article from O Magazine is helpful, too, as it offers some great "baby steps" to take. In fact, this article says it's not good to go at it all at once. Whew!

One suggestion in particular resonates with me: Once you've decided to toss it, and it's not worth donating, dump it in a public trash can. That way, you're not likely to go back and fish it out again!


Jennifer said...

You can use freecycle, too.. you would be surprised what people find useful. I've given away old chicken wire, scraps of hardibacker, old window panes... things that I wouldn't donate to Goodwill, but that people had a need or use for! Plus, once you have "given" it away to someone, you can't take it back, either!

NV said...

Thanks, Jennifer. That might be a good idea for some of the things in the shed. I will have to check into that.

Ann said...

Do NOT despair! It is so hard to get rid of even the silliest stuff. Go forth! :)

Anonymous said...