Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't Look Now: Progress!

I've figured that I have six more rows to finish the larger portion of the porch. I worked last night until every vestige of light was gone. The lightning bugs were keeping me company, but so were the mosquitoes, or I'd have flipped the porch light on and kept going.

See how far I got. The first picture is from June 15 while the other was snapped just this morning.

There’s something satisfying about mixing up a small batch of mortar, slathering it all along the edges of some foundation bricks, and returning a short time later to find the whole thing setting up nicely. No wobbling. I’m always amazed when I come back to find that it didn’t fall over. Perhaps I did this in a previous life. (The life I wasn’t a pack mule in. See, I hate to make more than one trip to load or unload if I don’t have to, something I think is left over from my life as a pack mule. But that’s another post.)

As slow as the porch process is going for me, you’d think I was trying to replicate The Great Wall of China. It must be incredible to actually be skilled and be able to build things like houses. (Hard to believe that centuries ago people did just that with some mud and straw.)

Still, I have to admit that this has been more satisfying of a project than I anticipated. And two evenings of work have moved things along nicely. Of course, it doesn’t yet involve the destruction of the concrete walkway. I’m thinking that leveling the concrete will be a fantastic stress-reliever, although incredibly tiring. And what do I do with it, once I break it up? It’s questions like that that keep my mind racing at night.

What bizarre, house-related quandaries cost you sleep?


Dee said...

Oddly enough, although I live with two cats, I still wake up wondering, "Was that a mouse?!" Dude, that is SO not my responsibility anymore.

GREAT progress on the patio! I am amazed. Someday when I put a walkway around my house, will you help? Heh. Not bricks, I promise.

NV said...

KayO -- Happy to help. Make you the same offer I made most excellent friend Chele: If you're not seeking perfection or on a maddening deadline, you got it!

MonkeyGirl said...

What do you do with the tons of lava rock that the previous owners used to decorate every square inch of non-grass covered area in your backyard? What about the tons of lava rock conveniently buried under a thin layer of dirt and mulch in the front yard? Solution - borrow a trailer, fill it up multiple times and dump it in hole on your brother-in-laws property- with his permission of course :-)!!

Jayne said...

The patio looks great! What's costing me sleep (other than the cold, which is much better) is this crazy shingle-ripping project I started. What if I have to re-side the whole house? What if I fall off the ladder and break my neck? What color should I paint the house? Should I hire someone else to paint it? What if no one helps me--will I EVER finish?? Like a rat on a wheel.

Jennifer said...

It's looking sharp!

NV said...

MG -- Great plan but serious issues on my end to replicate. :-)

Jayne -- If I've learned nothing else, I've learned that you're NEVER done. NEVER!

Jennifer --Thanks.

MonkeyGirl said...

MEF NV - remember that I have offered to share my resources! Besides how would my BIL know what state the broken concrete came from? :-)

Anonymous said...