Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick updates

Here's a few updates on some previously blogged items.

First, I got the bill for the "additional physician charges" related to the injured midigit. It was $407! (Further convinces me I'm in the wrong line of work. The doctor spent maybe a minute looking at the x-rays and about the same amount of time talking to me.) Network discounts reduced that to $80 which the insurance company paid. My original $50 payment still covers my share.

Second, the crazy man who kept approaching me in my yard … was arrested Friday night. I don't know what the charges were for and I don't care. (Apparently, he had some outstanding warrants in a neighboring county, so he should be locked up for a while. Suffice it to say I should be safe for the next weekend or two.) Always good to know that you're being stalked in your yard by a crazy man wanted by the law.

My poor neighbor. He was so upset about the whole incident. He kept apologizing while he was telling me about the arrest last night. 'He's really not my friend. Really."

And finally, rain later today but maybe not on Wednesday and Thursday. I may actually get something done this week after all! Cross your fingers.


Elaine said...

Hey NV! Crossing my fingers for you. And speaking of fingers, so yours aren't broken! Or costing you the full $407. Or..... Shudder to think of all the ways a disagreement with a lawnmower could turn out much, much worse.

In d*mn DIY disaster solidarity,

Elaine said...

er, I mean so GLAD yours aren't broken!

Anonymous said...

Crazy man's in jail. That's good news.

It's humid here today because of the rain last night. Nothing to compete with Alabama though I'm sure....Hope you're able to get more work done!

NV said...

Thanks, Elaine! -- The $407 was on top of $1,800. And yes, I am one of the only ppl alive who could get seriously injured by a lawnmower while it's turned off.

Yes, Vicky. Wacko banana man is behind bars. WHEW! No one sneaking up on me in the yard THIS weekend.