Friday, June 6, 2008

Impromptu Vacation Day

An ailing mother, wailing cat, and SOMETHING that is banging either at the roofline or on the back of the house, robbed me of all but about three hours of sleep last night. The first two have also kept me up the previous nights, too, meaning a total of roughly 10 hours of sleep since Tuesday. So, I am seriously sleep-deprived.

That prompted me to opt for an impromptu vacation day. Other than a mid-morning call, I don't really have that much going on so, while more notice is usually required, I think it will be OK. Hope so anyway. Last thing I need is another issue right now. :-)

I'm going to grab a nap, get my call in, and then, with any luck, either get the water heater resolved or, at the very least, get the logistics in play to get it done. Who knows? If my nap is refreshing enough, I may even get started on something else.

Cross your fingers!