Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Night at the Ballpark

I thought I would go home tonight and maybe do some more brickwork, or mow my lawn which is in desperate need at this point.

Instead, I think I'm going home to take a nap. It was a busy day on top of an early day and late night yesterday. You see, I was quite the slacker. It was our group's turn to use the company suite at Busch Stadium last night. Yes, I know, it was tough but I forced myself to enjoy all the perks of the luxury box: food, drinks, snacks. Everything except dessert which my big boss wouldn't spring for this time. Oh well. And I forgot to mention that the suite overlooks home plate. Boy is THAT tough to take.

It was a beautiful night and fun -- even if the stupid Cardinals managed to lose again to the Royals. You're looking at one of the things that helped wear me down last night during the game, trying to come up with just a few decent game shots, plus I was taking candids of my colleagues most of the evening. I'm still getting my bearings in shooting actions shots with the digital, but I think I'm getting better.


Fred said...

Being forced to used the company's box sounds horrible :-)... In any event, we all need a good break after being busy, regardless of whether we're working or not.

Nice pics of the game - the bunting shot is pretty hard to get - looks professional (if not for the guard net, but you can't control that).

NV said...

Thanks,Fred. It's fun to see what I come up with each time.

As for taking a break, you know what they say about all work ...