Friday, June 27, 2008

Toys for DIY Girls & Boys

Fighting through the throngs of people at not one, but two, grocery stores notwithstanding, I didn't do much Thursday night. I was tired (and deservedly so after porch work both Tuesday and Wednesday nights).

So there I was with my laptop (like always) watching TV. Flipping channels, I stumbled across DIY's Cool Tools show. OMG! How could I not know this existed? (I know. I'm an idiot!) The world was probably a much safer place before I knew. I've never seen the show Home Improvement, but I'm told that I am the embodiment of the Tim Allen grunt when it comes to buying tools. I'm telling you it's a genetic defect. Clothes-shopping does not do this for me.

Even if it's stuff you'd never use -- or never think you would -- it's at least good to know what's floating around out there. The site has a continuous video stream of new products in addition to info on all the stuff you may have seen on one of the shows. Last night, I happened upon the episode from the 2007 Hardware Show. (Man, I'd be dangerous at a place like that.)

Three things I really liked -- and may well buy -- were:
  • The EZClean paintbrush which quite literally cleans itself. And if you're like me, cleanup is the worst part of painting!
  • The BaseMate ladder leveling system which makes sure your ladder has two legs to stand on in awkward spots.
  • The Power Pull Leverage Hammer to deal with those really stubborn nails.

You can find info on these and other exceptionally interesting products at the Cool Tools Store.

I'll definitely be checking it out again. It's on DIY every Thursday at 9 and 9:30 p.m. ET.

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Jayne said...

After a week of trying to even out an extension ladder in my bumpy front yard, I'm thinking the ladder leveling thingy is a great idea. And I just have to have the Power Pull hammer. Off to check out prices....