Sunday, June 15, 2008

Can't Escape the Rain

There are actually bricks on the porch. Not many, but I've hit more snags along the way.

First, there are a multitude of uneven ridges along the foundation of the house where someone attempted to seal it. I appreciate that they sealed it, but what a sloppy job! Now I have to do my best to clean up their mess so I can get my bricks down in something resembling a straight line.

Then, getting them to fit in the pattern I was going for ... well, it's close.

And then, I get a few rows down, start mortaring and before I can mix some more up, black clouds appear overhead. Instead of continuing, I get things picked up as quickly as I could. As I pulled the latch on the shed, it started to rain. Perfect timing.

But the rain quite literally put a damper on my brick work. It's almost as if the iPod's selections on my drive to Lowe's last night was an omen. It rained for all of 10 minutes. I decided not to drag everything out. I didn't even get my yard mowed. It looks awful. I'm so embarrassed.

At least I got something done on this project, so I guess I can't complain too much. I guess it will, like everything else, take a lot longer than I thought. But here's a few pics. The first one is yesterday, before I got started. The second is today, right before the rain. The second is also a much better representation of what the color is on the house.


Anonymous said...

My moto is "it's always going to take longer than you think". No matter what. It's looking good though!

Ann said...

Dang weather. How dare it? Rude.

That porch is going to really be charming though - and love that shade gray!

NV said...

Vicki -- you're exactly right. Seems to be a recurring theme around here, too. Thanks! I like it so far.

Ann -- That was my thought with the weather. It could at least have waited another 2 hours. And thanks. Here's hoping. I really like how the house turned out. Last year's two BIG projects -- the house and the LR/DR floor -- worked out better than I thought.