Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The phone's back on! The phone's back on! No more jonesing for the Internet.

My cell phone jarred me out of a catatonic writing state this afternoon (Catatonic in that I was staring at the same single sentence.) It was the phone technician on his way to the house. He already sounded like he knew what was wrong. Very encouraging.

About an hour later, my mom called me. She hadn't even heard the guy. Didn't even know he had been there -- except that the phone was working. He did eventually call her. About four poles down, a coupling had come undone and exposed a bunch of wires to all the wind and rain.

Apparently, one of the good gusts yesterday afternoon took us offline. Just us. Nobody else had called them with a problem.

Why am I not surprised?