Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Day, Times Two

I ended the day, the way I started it: In a grocery store. Apparently, going to the store with just one eye open early this morning wasn't such a bright idea after all. So I got the joy of doing it again.

I also made not one, but two trips to Lowe's. And, the crazy man from last weekend made a second appearance earlier this evening. I hope it's not getting to stalker proportions. My neighbor said I should call the police if he comes back. (He may or may not be taking his medication. Nice. My psycho magnet is working overtime.)

All that aside, I did get something done. YAY! I started on the porch -- FINALLY! I got the one side of the rail removed, put done some concrete in the wayward corner and patched the holes from removing the rails. I had put a rectangle of bricks on the porch last year using sand and just mortaring the edges. I only meant for it to be temporary anyway, knowing this project was coming.

I pulled all those bricks up today. The sand was wet so I'll sweep it out tomorrow.

I bought concrete mix to put down beneath the bricks. I was told by someone who should know that if you put a light layer down, the bricks on top, the dampen and mortar in between, you should get good results. I trust his skills, so we'll see if it works for me.

I didn't really mind driving back to Lowe's. The last remnants of the sunset were in my rearview. Good tunes playing. (Although, the iPod was making me a little uneasy by playing nearly every song I have on it that has rain in the title. It's not supposed to rain 'til tomorrow night, but I've learned.) The temperature was dropping and a cool breeze was blowing. That made the drive both exhilarating and relaxing. Just what I needed.

Right now, what I need is about 90 minutes with a masseur named Sven. Since that's not likely, I guess I'll have to settle for some Tylenol Arthritis and another hot shower.


Anonymous said...

Or you could just let psycho man have his way and rub all over you...that's creepy.

Dee said...

I was cleaning out the magazine rack (JC Penney catalogs dating back to 2003 tell you how long it's been) when I ran across a Family Handyman magazine on how to lay a garden path/patio. I'm sure you have a Plan already - anyone who can stockpile bricks at a steady, discounted-only pace has a definite Plan - but it made me think of you. (You're welcome to borrow it if you'd like, but I doubt you'll get anything out of it. I think it's for folks like, uh, me.) ~KayO

NV said...

Vicky -- That comment is worthy of just one word: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

KayO -- I always have a plan, usually. Just may not always be the RIGHT plan. Especially the way this house seems to like to rebel sometimes. :-)