Friday, June 5, 2009

All Grown Up

My paperwork from the bank for Pearl was in yesterday’s mail. I’ll soon be making my first car payment. (I’ve never had one before.) Funny that I can be part owner of a house -- even paying off a mortgage -- and yet I’ve never made a car payment before … I feel like such an adult!

The mother had been slowly working her way down the list of people to ask if they wanted/needed a stove. She’d already had three or four people turn her down by the time I got home from work. We still had a few more people to offer it to but were waiting for one of her friends to return a phone message. By the time she did, another friend – who had previously said no – had already called back and said she did want it after all.

The stove leaves us on Sunday! I am so relieved. And, as it turns out, this same lady also wants the range hood. Awesome! I’m going to have Lawrence take it down when he’s here on Saturday so it can leave with the stove. Disaster #1 averted.

The next disaster had already appeared. I need to see if I can find out a time range for the June 27 delivery of the new refrigerator. Turns out my cousin’s kid is getting married that afternoon! (Invitation arrived over the weekend) Wouldn’t you know it?

We also have to confirm that my godmother is indeed taking the refrigerator … and as close to the 27th as possible. While we won’t miss a short lapse in having a stove, we can’t go without a fridge for too long. And, if she’s not taking it, I think the mother’s friend will take it, too, to go with the stove. So, another potential disaster cut off at the pass!

Maybe I won't have a stove in my bedroom after all ... though it's comforting to know I'd be in really good company if I did!

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