Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cabinet Obsessed

The next time I add a project to a project, just shoot me. It would be more merciful.

The heat today bordered on the unrealistic. I started the day by going to pick up the new kitchen sink. I bought some pieces I thought might work to trim out the inside of the cabinet doors. They didn't work and I had to take them back.

Instead, the solution was no farther than my shed. Inside, I found some pine lattice pieces that I'd bought for God knows what but never used. I used them today for the cabinets.

The sky threatened rain multiple times as I mitred the trim pieces but that's all it did -- threaten. When a final storm front went through though we finally gto a bit of a breeze AND the temperature seemed to drop by a dozen degrees, from the mid 90s to the low 80s.

I got all the trim pieces cut and tonight I got about half of them assembled. This is going to be a long drawn own project. And with less than a week before the fridge comes, there's no way I'm going to get done. It will get done, it just isn't going to happen by Saturday as I'd hoped.

Accept and move on.


Vicki said...

You can do it! Remember how happy you'll be when it's completed. Btw, do you have a ballpark estimate of what it would cost an electrician to hardwire lights into ceilings and a shower ceiling? We're trying to prepare our argument incase the owner's of the house we want to rent are willing to work with our requests.

Anonymous said...

You'll get it done.

I find that when it is horribly hot outside I have no desire to anything be find the coolest place in the house and veg.


NV said...

V -- Wish I had a good answer for you. Electricians can be very expensivle, even for simple jobs, should you have to get one. Wish I oculd send you Lawrence.

NV said...
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NV said...

Thank you both for the vote of confidence. It WILL get there! I just hope to survie it!

Anonymous said...