Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Normal Temperature

It’s so nice to walk outside and not only not feel like a plastic bag has just been thrown over your head, but to also feel cool. Comfortably cool.

A degree of normalcy returned to our weather Sunday. When I went outside to mow, I was greeted by cool air and a gentle breeze – not the fire on the cooktop, blow dryer in your face heat that we’d been dealing with for more than 10 days. That included Saturday’s wedding where nearly everyone was in dress clothes and breaking a sweat as a result.

I was only outside maybe 10 minutes yesterday and that was during the fridge departure mid-morning. It was very pleasant indeed. And today appears to be a carbon copy. Finally – on the last day of June, we get June weather!

Supposedly, the heat has moved out west. So, if you’re the beneficiary of it, I tender my sympathies.