Monday, June 1, 2009

Your Lawn Is Cut

I finished the kitchen ceiling yesterday. I’ll put up pics soon but I don’t think you can fully appreciate the difference with just that done. But I’ll try.

I ran downstairs and got a piece of the molding while I had the ladder set up and the shelves were clear and held it in place. I just can’t get over what a difference it makes and how good it’s going to look. I am genuinely excited about it.

I then started ripping out the trim along the existing beadboard backsplash to start making way for the new stuff. By the time I got done with that, cleaning up the mess and putting away everything from the ceiling project, it was early evening and time to quit. I guess I could have gone out and done it anyway, but I was sore and tired.

This meant I didn’t get the yard mowed over the weekend. And after all that rain, it was looking pretty sorry. I groaned as I carried the trash out this morning, it looked that bad. It might rain again tomorrow but definitely on Wednesday, so exhausted as I am, I’d resigned myself to trying to mow it between tonight and tomorrow night. Anything so it isn’t as bad at the first time I cut it this year!

The mother called me at lunchtime. “Hi. Your lawn is cut.”

Really?! Apparently, the mother had gotten lawnmower man to do it! That means there are just a few spots here and there throughout the whole yard that I’ll need to do. While I’m still dreading the dragging out of the mower and actually doing it, at least it’s not the daunting task that would have been waiting for me.

Sometimes surprises are good.