Thursday, June 4, 2009

Channeling Tony Soprano

It happened even faster than I thought … the stove and range hood are now in Pittsburgh – and the freight company is already planning to bring it to This D*mn House between noon and 4 on Monday.

For me, this couldn’t happen at a worse time. Work is insane and Monday is littered with activity. And, the absolute soonest I could even get home – even driving – would be after 1 p.m. So, not sure that I’d even beat the shipment home. I need to be there because if it looks damaged, I need to refuse delivery and send it back.

I know the mother could handle this, but she will freak and not want to. The other reason I need to be there is that I’m not entirely sure they will bring it in the house. Everyone has a different policy and sometimes they don’t even follow their own policies so you’re never sure. I can just imagine the phone call I’d get if the truck leaves it at the curb! (Did I mention we live on a four-lane roadway?)

Really relating to the classic Tony Soprano line: "Does everything have to be hard?"

Note to self: It will all get done. It will all look beautiful. It will all be worth it in the end.

Trouble is, that’s in the future. Right now, that mantra isn’t doing a thing to ease the migraine I feel comin’ on.