Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Lost Art, Found

We’ve had occasion lately to have something arrive at the house that I have long considered a lost art: thank-you cards. And they’ve come from an amazing source: teen-aged boys. Go figure.

Last year, SkaterBoy (he, the sorta son of MonkeyGirl) sent one after his graduation party. I’ll admit, at the time, I thought it was an anomaly. I mean, most young kids today barely say "thank you," much less take the time to personalize a card in ink! And especially not boys.

But then, a few weeks ago, a long-time family friend’s 17-year-old son sent one to say thanks for a birthday gift. Wow. Shocker. And on the heels of that, came another one, this one from B’s son, following the barn party for his graduation earlier this month.

The real shock: In each case, there was at least one, if not two, personalized lines. It was NOT a dashedly written “thanks” or even the extended version, “thanks for the cash.” Very impressive.

When I was growing up, I wrote these all the time. Of course, I didn’t consider it the chore that most kids, even back then, seemed to. Maybe that’s why, in the age of email and missing manners, this has come as such a pleasant and much-appreciated surprise. (Not to mention that it's always nice to get something in the mail that isn't a bill.)

I really shouldn’t be surprised though. It just confirms something I knew all along: My friends have raised some amazing kids!


Karen Anne said...

That's amazing.

I don't know how thank you notes fell by the wayside, it would have been totally unacceptable to not write them when I was a kid.

NV said...

KarenAnne -- I sure thought it was! Yes, they were like breathing when I was little, too.