Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Demise of the Raised Panel

When I finally got home last night, the very first thing I saw when I got out of the car were the remaining 12 cabinet doors. They were laying on the baker’s rack in the carport, their ugly raised panels a thing of the past. Their new birch beadboard panels cut and in place, though not adhered.

God bless Lawrence. He was determined to finish them all for me. He and the mother worked on them most of yesterday. And, it had helped that I’d taken the others all down and stripped them of hardware, as well as setting out all the work materials. Yay me!

After I’d gone in and changed clothes, I came back outside and carried them all in. It’s still a little surreal even now to see them all there, each one well on its way to looking like the vision in my head. It’s almost silly how happy it makes me. The cabinets were a real sore spot in the kitchen project and now, I’m getting what I wanted. Pinch me!

Meanwhile, it’s a project that the clock is ticking down on. I was too tired last night to pick up where I’d left off with the cabinets, so no more progress there. And, I still have a floor to tear up and replace. Madre de dios!

I guess it’s going to be a REALLY busy weekend.