Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Stove in My Bedroom

Well, there's not a stove in my bedroom ... yet. I'm thinking that by next week though, that's entirely possible.

Despite it saying 10 business days to ship and then four more to arrive locally for delivery, I got an email saying the new stove has shipped and should be in St. Louis tomorrow. That means there will be a freight company on the phone wanting to deliver it very soon.

I haven't even started tearing up the old floor yet, much less putting in the new one. I had hoped to have that done at least before appliances started arriving. Doesn't look like that's going to happen. Oh well.

It does beg the question though of just where in the hell I'm going to put the stove once it arrives. My room may be the only place left in the house with enough floorspace (and just barely enough at that) to keep it temporarily. Having to live in a house while you're working on it sucks.

We thought we had plans for both appliances. Now it appears we have plans only for the refrigerator. And the new one arrives June 27. (Which I think might be the same day as a wedding we just got invited to. Uh-oh.)


Gene said...

Seems perfectly normal to me. Of course, until recently I had a dishwasher in the dining room and our refrigerator is still in the living room, next to the microwave :-)

Karen Anne said...

Sitting here with exposed plywood floors :-)

Jayne said...

Yeah, sounds perfectly normal to me, too. Of course, I have a ladder in the middle of my kitchen, two different kinds of wallpaper on the walls there, hardwood floors throughout the house that are black with old carpet glue, and a house that's half yellow and half white.

Mama Martha said...

Our refrigerator sat next to the front door for over 6 months during the kitchen remodel. Welcome to the club!

NV said...

Gene -- Awesome. I'm feeling better already.

KarenAnne -- Soon to join you -- in the kitchen -- I hope! :-)

Jayne -- Yeah, we have a ladder and a five-gallon paint bucket to greet guests at the front door! I can SO relate!

MM -- Thanks! I'm feelin' a true part of "the club." At least I'm in great company.

Karen Anne said...

A bathtub in the dining room in another house :-) Scroll past the lovely kitty pix:


Anonymous said...