Monday, June 29, 2009


I've been having sinus trouble for more than a week now. I think my allergy meds aren't working anymore. (This happens every few years.) I've been so busy that I've ignored the little signs.

The congestion. The light-sensitivity. The minor nausea from drainage. The occasional coughing fit.

And I ignored them at my peril. The eyes started in with a vengeance while I was mowing yesterday. The persistent tickle in my throat become all-out barking last night. I didn't sleep much. But after the little sleep I did get, I awoke with a throat as raw as a rare steak. Lovely.

So until I can call the allergist later, I'm going to pop a Benadryl and ride it out. Here's hoping it has its usual effect on me and just plain knocks me out!