Monday, June 22, 2009


Wow. I think I blinked and the weekend was over. That’s probably because it was so busy.

It’s been hotter than blue blazes the past few days and that’s supposed to continue through this week. I like it hot, but this is a little too much even for me, the child born on a 100-degree day. I was meant to be born in tropical climate but by some inexplicable twist, I ended up arriving in the Midwest. Oh, wait. That is a tropical climate. At least these days it is. But without the benefit of lush greenery and a beach view to die for.

I had hoped to tear the kitchen floor up this weekend. That didn’t happen. I’m hoping – emphasis on the hope part – that I can get that done this week and at least get the backerboard down before the new fridge arrives. My godmother says she is coming to get the old one this week, so here’s hoping.

We cleared a lot of stuff out yesterday. While it’s energy that should have gone other places, it’s something I’ve wanted the mother to do for some time, so I just went with it. It will make things better in the long run, and since there’s no way the kitchen will be done by Saturday anyway, it’s actually a benefit. Put a checkmark in the plus column.

In the meantime, I finally finished assembling the new cabinet doors! Oh, I still have old handle holes to fill and it all has to get painted, but here’s a look back at the process We’ll start with a look at the old cabinets. Here they are in all their former raised-panel glory.
Step 1; Remove door. Remove all hardware including handles and magnetic bars.
Step 2: Remove raised panel. That leaves you with a door that looks like this.

Step 3: Cut a beadboard panel to replace the removed panel.
Step 4: Position panel in door frame. Secure in place with brads.
Step 5: Cut pine trim to finish out the inside of the door, mitering each corner. Attach to inside of door over positioning brads using adhesive. This makes the inside of the door look like this. (Well, you don't want them looking all ugly inside when people open them, do you? And, it covers any sins of the router used to pop out the previous occupants.)

Finally, you’re ready to show off your newly refaced door, still in need of painting.


Oh. I forgot to mention.

Repeat steps 1-5 EIGHTEEN times. (Or, however many times it takes for your doors. It's the first time in the history of This D*mn House that I'm glad we don't have more cabinets!)


MonkeyGirl said...

Those look awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product. You exhaust me just reading about all you accomplish in the span of 48 hours!

MonkeyGirl said...
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Mama Martha said...

OMG! They look gorgeous! I am completely jealous. Perhaps I could hire you for my kitchen next summer?

NV said...

MG -- Thanks! I can hardly wait either. Now to just get them PAINTED and UP!

MM -- Thanks! I'm very excited. I don't "see" things and I saw this and to now actually have them this close to the finish line has been amazing. I think I'll keep my day job though. :-)

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

Looooove it! I love bead board so. much. Great job!

Anonymous said...