Monday, June 29, 2009

One Fridge Per Kitchen, Please

It wasn't good to be under the influence of Benadryl when they came to take away the old fridge today.

It was the same duo who came to take the old stove a few weeks ago, along with the mother's friend. Being a little woozy, I threw on some clothes and stood by to supervise. They were armed with an appliance dolly this time -- and one that wasn't filthy. They were also very respectful and VERY careful, something they weren't last time. (I think one of the mother's other friends said something to the friend getting the appliances.) Whatever the reason, it was a welcome change.

About the most stressful part was that they had to take the front door off. While the guys who brought the new refrigerator did, too, these guys do that kind of thing every day. Not to mention that Gene, one of the two delivery guys, looked a lot like Michael Duncan Clarke, including his build. So, the "3,000-pound door" as he called it wasn't much of a challenge.

Luckily, the door came off and went back on with no major issues.

What that means is that we now have one, that's right, ONE refrigerator in This D*mn Kitchen! And it's this one. And yes, it's still covered in plastic on the front -- and will be until we finish the kitchen!

The one as close to the one the mother wanted as I can make it. The one that I'm really loving because of the pull-out drawer of a freezer. The one that I love because the door to the fridge clears the trash can. The one that no longer makes me kneel down on the floor just to get a soda!

In short, her once doomed love story has been completely rewritten -- and even has a happy ending for me!

Today, the silver lining to my not feeling well was that she decided to make me an omelet since that's soft and not likely to further irritate my throat. It was a test run for the new stove and it passed with flying colors! She was surprised by how easy it was to flip it and how quickly it cooked.

One question though for those of you with smoothtop surfaces: Does it always take 15 minutes for the burner to cool down and the light to go off?

Since this was our first experience with one, neither of us knew what to expect so we kept checking it to make sure it would go off. Any tips or warnings on smoothtops?


sewwhat? said...

I had one in my former house--I was always afraid the cat would walk across it before it cooled down. The worst thing is cleaning it, you need a razor blade to do it, but it does come clean easier than cleaning all those grooves. ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

I have one and love it! Yes, it does take that long for it to be completely cool - the light stays on so that you won't forget and touch it.

I use a special smooth top range cleaner to keep it nice. I'd recommend getting some. I use it every day and mine's still like new after many years.

I think you'll like this stove a lot!

Gene said...

Shiny! We've had a freezer-on-the-bottom fridge for quite a while, and love it. I've never understood why they made them with the freezer on the top, since you go into it so much less often.

Anonymous said...

My mom had a smooth top range for several years, and yes, they stay hot for quite a spell.

She loved hers, and I'm sure you will too . . .

Anonymous said...

My smoothtop is like everyone else's. It cools off and is touchable before the light goes off, but it does take about 15 minutes.

Fridge is beautiful, too!

Karen Anne said...

Freezers on top are good if you live by the freezer and microwave.

i could never have electric burners because of the worry about cats.

plumbelieve said...

NV, Beautiful fridge. I see you have the pampered chef handy opening tool already up, good for you. Also, why are you taking up the floor? I think the wood looks nice. By the way, I like the bottom freezer, the DH hates it and looks forward to the time for a new one. He finds it inconvenient to pull the drawer out and getting so low just to see what is inside. Oh well, enjoy.

Denise said...

ooh, pretty fridge! I'm envious!

Salem Kitchen & Bath Studio said...

If you don't want to use the white "special cleaner" that can get caught in the outside edge. For everyday wipeups and marks I use a Mr. Clean eraser block/sponge with a bit of elbow grease and water the hard water stains on my all black smooth top just wipe away. I do dry after with a soft cotton (not terry) dishtowel to make the water marks go away. The burners do stay warm for about 15 minutes or so. Enjoy! You have done some great things in your kitchen & bathroom!

NV said...

sewwhat -- Thanks for that bit of advice. I've already put it to use!

Star -- I hope so. We plan to have it for some time.

Gene -- Exactly! I find it so much more convenient.

COG -- So far, so good. That oool down thing is going to take a while though.

Jen -- Thanks for the reassurance -- and the compliment! i'm still a little wary of the stove, but am totally in love with the fridge!

Karen Anne -- Luckily, Toby's not a stove-jumper. Thank, God! I'm a Freezer Queen from way back, but I still prefer the drawer below freezer.

PB -- Thanks! And yes, that PC tool is a godsend. The floor is actually vinyl. It's been a great floor the past few years, too. I almost hate to tear it up. Almost.
I am loving the drawer below freezer.

Denise -- Thanks! I have been coveting others' for far too long. It's nice to actually have it here now!

Salem -- Thanks for the advice. We always have a ton of erasers handy. Use them for everything. And thanks. We are trying to do a lot. (Too much, I think sometimes.) Still a long way to go ...

Anonymous said...