Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let There Be Lights … And Molding

The weekend wasn’t all fun and games. I put in a full day with Lawrence on Saturday before departing for The Party Barn. (More about the Party Barn in a later post.)

We started out by putting up a new light and medallion in the kitchen. Then we moved on to putting up the egg and dart molding. I like this light, just wish it didn’t hang so low. (We just barely walk under it.) Luckily, the kitchen cart will be there so no one will dash their brains out on it!

Between going up and down the ladder and running in and out of the house and then up and down the stairs to get tools or materials, I was worn out. I have to tell you though that with each piece that went up, I got progressively more excited.

I’m going to hold off on photos of the bathroom until I get the trim up in there. The trim for the bathroom is much thinner and less ornate than the kitchen’s, but I know it will look good. But, I will share the completed ceiling/molding project for the kitchen.

Here it is!