Friday, April 24, 2009

Break Out the Sandals!

While my toe is technically still healing, it's doing much better. Regardless, it's just going to have to deal today. I am NOT wearing socks and closed-up shoes on an almost 90-degree day.

Yes. You read that right. And no, I'm not on a desert vacation. It's just going to feel like one today. If we should hit 90, (projected high is 88) we will tie a record set in 1990!

I wore a long-sleeve shirt, sans jacket, to the office, and I had the sleeves rolled up before I started the car. (I drove to the office today. I'm only working 'til lunchtime and then (drumroll please) I'm outta here 'til THURSDAY!!!! Even though hell awaits me in the shape of an incredibly overgrown lawn, I don't care. Other than the January holidays, this will be my first time off work that didn't involve illness all year. And it's almost MAY! Sheesh.

Guess what the first thing is that I do when I get home today? Turn on the A/C. It was hotter than blue blazes in the house last night, even with multiple fans running. (And that was in the evening after a day that was cooler than today will be.)


MonkeyGirl said...

Flip-flops are a wonderful thing! Good luck on your quest to get stuff done!

cd said...

......"Home Depot and Lowes have both posted dismal fisrt quarter earnings due in part to This D*mn House's dedication to the JOB".

Thankfully, Lady Bird (anxious to reclaim her rightful place amongst the SUV's and Trucks) whisked one NKV away at noon today and sped their way directly to the mecca of Home Improvement.

Please don't let the DIY impact the BLOG, I'm addicted.

Why S? said...

If you go missing, at least the authorities will know to look for you somewhere in the lawn.

plumbelieve said...

...too funny CD. I will send the Calvin Klein guy over to your house NV to greet you with an ice cold glass of lemonade when you are done with the lawn. Wait a minute, I think I need him over here, nevermind.

I will let you get back to Home Depot to do whatever it is you do there.

Have a great day all.


NV said...

MG -- Thanks! Yes they are.

cd -- Hey, they can't blame me. Just because I wasn't doing the projects, I WAS buying supplies! I'll try hard not to let the actual project work interfere with your blog fixes. :-) You're too funny.

Why -- You're right! And it would have taken them a while to find me, too!

PB -- You and that Cal Klein guy, all these years later, Believe me, the last thing I'd be interested in if he were here would be the lawn! But thanks for the offer.