Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stupid White Girl

What can I say? I'm just a stupid white girl.

Mind you, I'm not one of these fair-complected, snow-white types. Nor do I have that "natural beige" like a flesh-colored crayon. No. I have that ruddy complexion, the one that takes forever to tan. But the catch is, I burn. And burn. And burn. And burn.

Eventually, I tan.

I guess three consecutive days in upper 80s sun will tend to cook one. My arms, face, neck, and feet are proof of that. I'm currently alternating between the "my arms and face are on fire" and the "damn, I'm freezing!" stages of sunburn. Stupid white girl.

The upside: I got a lot done.

First, the yard is respectable again for the first time all season. Second, half the shed -- yes, half the shed -- is pimped! I don't have enough boards to finish the other half. (Berating self. Idiot!) I also didn't have enough daylight to have finished the other half by the time I got done with the first half and with the delicate matter of filling in around Tigger's grave.

Two of the three trim boards will have to go back. The mother doesn't want the trim on the sides. Whatever. I'm glad she told me this before I'd cut the piece for the side I did finish!

Rain is on tap for tomorrow and maybe the first half of Tuesday, so I probably won't get much farther. That, and the mother has to go get some tests sometime this week though I won't know when until sometime tomorrow. So, we'll see what happens.


MonkeyGirl said...

Sunscreen? I'm pretty sure they sell this in DIY land!

Karen Anne said...

I did my stupid white girl thing a day or two ago. How could i have not noticed it was near ninety?

I just come in two colors, though, Bright Red and, as my brother says, Whale Belly White :-) No Tan.

Anonymous said...

A sunburn is a sure sign of spring, so Happy Spring! :) Let the projects begin...

NV said...

MG -- Yeah, but I did say STUPID white girl ...

KarenAnne -- I think we may both just be so glad it's not 40 degrees anymore that the fact that it's 90 didn't immediately set in.

kspinning -- I know! Marvelous, isn't it?!