Friday, April 17, 2009

Frantic Friday

This apparently was the day that I should have saved the beer o’clock title for. Let me summarize by saying that today I earned my money and someone else’s.

Having said that, and having had that kind of day, it is with more delight than I can properly convey that I can tell you that I will soon be on my way to join friends. I do plan to kick back a few cold ones. And while I don’t know what else the evening may have in store, I can tell you that I’m ready to enjoy it.

It’s been a particularly gorgeous day (sunny and 70s) and one that I’ve been able to enjoy precious little of. (This is what the weather in my version of Heaven would be like, except it would include a beach.) That said, I’m out the door. Or, I will be very, very soon.

Here’s hoping for a fabulous weekend for all of us!

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