Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She's At It Again

Apparently, I was too busy patting myself on the back for having taken vacation time during an all-dry spell with elevated temperatures (according to The Weather Channel) to notice that the forecast had changed. They’d added rain to both the weekend and Monday.

Luckily, it’s changed again. “Isolated showers” forecast for late Sunday into Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday still look dry. For now.

I really need the dry weather so that I can whip the yard into shape (and I’m dreading that) and finish the shed. Those are two things that have to get done while I’m off. Speaking of off, it’s like my brain thinks vacation is already here. It’s zoning out pretty much at will. Case in point: I had to look up the last name of a colleague who sends me things every day.

If tracking is to be believed, the ceiling tiles along with the molding for just the kitchen should arrive tomorrow. That’s only been eight or nine months in the discussion phase!

I don’t know where I’m going to put them. I guess I’ll have to jam them into the family room somewhere. That place has become a nightmare. Soon though, we’ll be clearing it out and all these things will finally be in their proper place.

UPDATE: Apparently Mother Nature has gotten word that I’m on vacation at the end of the week. Pay particular attention to the forecast for Sunday through next Thursday. Can you even believe that she is trying to do this to me AGAIN? A repeat performance of last year?

OK. OK. Mother Nature, I hear ya. You want to play tough, eh? I got the message.

But guess what? I’ve got a message for you, too. Here it is, courtesy of one of my favorite imaginary people on the planet.