Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Loose Ends

One of the loose ends I need to clear up is finishing the columns on the front porch. When I put the brick down, I just worked around the base of each column. I didn’t attempt to raise it up.

All that did was create something of a basin for rainwater around each column. I actually found somewhere I could buy just a PVC base almost five months ago. Do you think I’ve done anything about it? Um, no.

I need to remeasure, see which ones I need, add two more for the carport for when I get to fixing it and the driveway, and get them already!

I need to get started on the shed, too, and Saturday would be a perfect day to do it, but … I’m going to a marathon crop with the MonkeyGirl. (It’s at her work and for a good cause. AND … I haven’t seen her since bleepin’ JANUARY!) You might recall that she kidnapped me the last time they had one of these. This time, she didn’t need to twist my arm.

I refuse to feel guilty, even though I did do a marathon last month – but it wasn’t 12 hours like this one. It was only 9. (Justification mode has kicked in.) Between work, Tigger, and Uncle Bill, I can really use the break.

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a warmer and drier April and May. Here’s hoping. I’d like to get a much earlier start than last year!