Friday, April 10, 2009

Super Soaker

It rained hard yesterday, last night, and overnight. Walking across the yard is like stepping on marshmallows – muddy ones, too. Both my umbrella and jacket are still wet from last night!

I drove to the depot this morning as I will be on a “fish quest” later. Good Friday observance. No other Friday during Lent seems to bother the mother, but this one throws her headlong into religious tradition.

(No irreverence to the solemnity of the day, this is just a custom I don't get. Me? I figure if I’m going to Hell, it’s going to be for something a lot more significant than eating meat on an odd day of the calendar. Why not jut not eat?) But I’ll play along anyway. I’ll probably just eat some of the albacore tuna I bought at the store last night as part of the cholesterol craziness.

The sky continues to be gray this morning, but at least for now, it's not raining. I didn’t catch any weather as the mother was watching “Fried Green Tomatoes” and it was all I could do to not plop down beside her and watch, too. (We’ve both seen it a ba-million times but aren’t averse to adding another viewing to the count.)

I sure hope the dry and in the 60s forecast I’ve been seeing for the weekend holds out …