Thursday, April 2, 2009

Renovation Realities

Oh. My. God. The mother and I laughed for almost a half-hour solid. Last night (several hours ahead of the phone call), there was this crazy guy named Shae on HGTV on a show called “Renovation Realities.”

Within a few minutes:
· Without knowing where the shut-off valve was, he took a saw to a gas line. Then he casually says: “I guess the worst thing is that the house could blow up.” Duh!
· After removing a beam from the kitchen, he wiped out the glass in a French door while carrying it into the back yard.
· He wanted his wife to buy 10 tape measures because he keeps misplacing his. (She only bought eight, but he’d lost most of those by the end of the show.)
· Thought 45 minutes would be enough time to install cabinets.

And that’s just some of the foibles. Maybe it’s wrong to enjoy the misfortunes of others this much. (No, it’s not. This guy’s an idiot.) I have to say, if you’re feeling bad about your own projects, or even if you just need a good laugh, definitely check this show out.

“I haven’t laughed this much in weeks,” quoth the mother. (And she hasn’t.) I was laughing pretty hysterically, too. I may even have to try and watch it again!


Jayne said...

I'll have to check out that show, if only to feel better about myself!

Gene said...

Did they given any disclaimers, like "don't do what this guy is doing unless you want to die"?

Vicki said...

If the dude signed a paper knowing he'd be taped then it's ok to laugh at him. I'd like to watch that too!

cd said...

I now feel beter. While spring cleaning my bedroom I had the tv on and watched this show. At first I felt guilty laughing at the show, now I feel beter knowing I had company.

NV said...

I don't feel bad now. We'll have to see if another episode is as funny or not. :-)