Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brush Up on Painting

Once the weather does officially turn warm – and stay that way – paint will be back in the plans. When I finally get the boards on the shed, either the mother or I will have to paint them. (This may or may not wait until the annual Memorial Day sale on Behr paint which gets you back $5 on a gallon. I’m betting it does.)

Paint really should be a four-letter word. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: It’s not a coincidence that the first four letters of paint spell “pain.”

The mother also has a boatload of gingerbread to paint and I’ll have to remember to put wood screws on a pending hardware shopping list so that I’ll be ready to put those bad boys up!

That’s probably why this item over at UniqueDaily.Com, and featured by Charles & Hudson, caught my eye a few days ago. It made me feel a little closer to normal. Not much, but a little. Of course, this is the same site that offers up a recipe for Vodka gummi bears.

Frankly though, I prefer to have my paint meltdowns at The Home Depot as we saw last fall. And it’s not because I can’t choose a color – more because they can’t correctly make the color I chose.


Mama Martha said...

I am going to try the vodka gummi bears. I may have a new treat for our upcoming crop! Good luck with the painting. I hate that job.

NV said...

MM -- I'm not so sure about those. (even the author had his doubts). But I guess I could try them. If you twisted my arm ...

Jennifer said...

Vodka gummi bears? :)

Paint, paint, paint. I have to paint this year, too! What do you know. WE haven't picked colors yet, though.