Thursday, April 23, 2009


All kinds of things arrived at This D*mn House yesterday.

The ceiling tile came in two flat boxes, one of which is quite heavy. The egg and dart molding (just for the kitchen) arrived in a third extra-long box. The heaviest of the three is currently propped up on the fireplace in the livingroom. The other two are conspicuously stowed in the dining room. That’s just until I can find a spot for them in the family room.

I haven’t ventured to open them up yet. I may do that tonight or I might just wait until tomorrow. Tonight is grocery night so I may not have time.

Then, the latest issue of This Old House came in the mail. I was exhausted last night but I flipped through a few pages, My eye gravitated to a letter from a reader who suggested that DIYers offer up their “longest-standing incomplete DIY project.” Well, the editor took him up on it!

Go here and share photos and descriptions of the DIY project that you just can’t ever seem to finish. The winning entry will be featured in a future issue of the magazine.

I think I only have two “long-term unfinished” projects at the moment. The oldest is trimming out the closet in the family room downstairs that Lawrence and I built in January 2008. Second in line is dismantling the old daybed and assembling the new one that I bought just over a year ago. (Of course, I didn’t do anything in the meantime like putting up a fence and bricking the porch and walkway …)

What’s your longest-running house to-do that is as yet undone?


Kay said...

oh man ... I have SO MANY unfinished projects, but they're not particularly photogenic. I finally hired a carpenter to put up the ceiling trim after our great ceiling project, so alas, that one's done. It would have been so great to show the raw edges of drywall, the unpainted wall with patching plaster, the nails sticking out of cabinets where the trim was removed ...
It was like this. My ceilings are plaster, swirled, heavily textured, and impossible to keep clean in all those swirly grooves. Plus, some of the plaster peeled during a period when the house was abandoned, and my husband tried to patch it but couldn't match the swirls. Plus, the electric heat in the ceiling made big cracks in the plaster, which were also impossible to patch and match the swirls.
So eventually we put up drywall right over top of the plaster. Take THAT! But the molding didn't get done for years.

NV said...

Kay -- Well, if you work in phases, it takes longer, but you're not nearly as stressed out about it!

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