Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ibuprofen, To Thy Work

I'm preparing to take a prescription strength ibuprofen. As the day has worn on, my previously-believed-to-be-healing toe has hurt progressively worse. What is the damn deal anyway?!

Now, my entire foot has decided to join the party. I guess I should be thankful that the headache I had earlier has stopped. Maybe the pain is a result from all the money I parted with since yesterday, and am contemplating bidding a bon voyage tomorrow.

Yesterday, I bought the ceiling tiles for the Michelangelo Project and paid the homeowners' insurance. (Waving goodbye to the paycheck I just got, and then some.) Lowe's is advertising some tile that, at least in the ad, looks like a good color for the bathroom. Not bad for a $31 investment. And, I have a discount card for Home Depot that expires tomorrow. What to buy, what to buy ... there's still so much sh*t we need, I don't know where to start.

I made beds and am now in charge of the creatures, both of whom are behaving for the moment, But wait 5 minutes. It's apt to change.

I'm watching a movie that I was perfectly prepared to change the channel on, but then Colin Firth appeared. Oh, don't tell me that this chick is going to break his heart. Colin, I wouldn't break your heart. (What is it about those Brits? D*mn.)

I had hoped that the mother was doing better, but now I'm not sure. I at least got her to go in her bed and vacate the sofa so that I don't have to tiptoe through the rest of the house. (One of the pitfalls of a small house and of a 1940s layout.)

I keep checking on her every little while, but I won't lie. We could very well end up at the hospital tonight. I'm praying not. I covered her up about 40 minutes ago so I'll need to check again soon. Cross your fingers ...


Jayne said...

I hope your day did not include a trip to the hospital! Fingers crossed, prayers said.

Karen Anne said...

I hope your Mom gets better without a hospital trip. (Probably no one else here remembers the days when doctors made house calls.)

When I spectacularly sprained my ankle last year, it didn't really start hurting until about a week afterwards. No idea why.

Anonymous said...

I hope your mom starts to shake this thing soon.


Kay said...

eeyikes. Hope the Mother pulls out of it quickly. In her case, if it's a virus, there's probably not much the hospital can do except give her fluids. In YOUR case, young lady, don't you think it's time to get that toe/foot looked at?

I bet you could go use that Home Depot card without even making a list. I know I could!

C&C said...

I hope your foot and the mother are both doing much better soon without a trip to the hospital. Best wishes, & feel better soon!

NV said...

Jayne -- I'm glad to report that it did not. Thanks for your kind wishes.

Karen Anne -- So far, so good! On the toe, it was a week ago Friday night, so maybe it's a sign it's healing? I remember that happening with other broken bones when they were healing now that i think about it.

Michele -- Thanks! Appreciate that.

Kay -- Honestly, there's not much the hospital would do for me, either. They just tape toes and fingers up -- unless it's through the skin, which mine is not. Been there. Done that.

C&C -- Thank you! Appreciate the kind wishes.