Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Mixed Bag

Today started out really well. Lots of kudos all around for the work I did that I considered a failure.

Then, this afternoon, something related to the project, but not to the thing that everyone was so happy about, came up. It was my fault and I dropped the ball. What was most upsetting to me was that one of my colleagues took some initial fire for it. Further upsetting, was that the person to whom I owed the apology shared a little of the blame, but that, of course, would never come up. Such is life.

We had to tell my boss about it and I was properly mortified. The bottom line: I made a mistake. I apologized. Accept that I’m human and it’s going to happen occasionally. Move on. (The person I’m telling this to is me.) It seems to be OK now – I guess.

I’m consoling myself in the fact that I only have another day and a half of work this week and then it’s vacation. And the forecast has even changed AGAIN. Now, no rain until Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yeah. Right. We’ll see.


plumbelieve said...

NV - I am glad you decided not to beat yourself up about this and can see Friday is almost here. If I know you, you probably were harder on yourself than anyone else, so most of your colleagues are not even worried about it anymore.

I am thinking happy sunny thoughts for your vacay.

Take care,


NV said...

PB -- Thanks! And thanks for the extra sweet phone message.

Anonymous said...