Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It was a day of detours.

The first one occurred when the mother ran into a childhood friend at Lowe's. She recently moved back to the area from Florida and they started a lengthy conversation. That chat turned into lunch at our favorite Chinese haunt.

After that, the mother and I had to go back from whence we came so we could hit Home Depot. I finally made my board switch (trading in trim and getting the final boards I need for the shed). And we picked up some silver paint to try on one of the samples we received for the Michelangelo project.

The next in a series of detours occured on the way home when the mother spotted a car at a dealership along the highway. We backtracked and went to check it out. From there, we we went to another car place in town. (It pays to compare.) So, i'm anticipating calls from both places later in the week ... if I don't call them first.

I'm just not sure we're ready to do the car thing. I'm still concerned about taking on more debt and much of what's on hand right now is already earmarked for the house.

Decisions, decisions ...


cd said...

I've been using the Ralph Lauren metallic paints from HD for a wide range of projects. Good variety and variations of colors.

Karen Anne said...

I just sunk $ into getting a car repainted. Keeping them up is cheaper than buying new. I've my late Mom's 1992 and my 1969 cars. Normally I wouldn't have two cars, but there's a sentimental attachment.

NV said...

cd -- Thanks, we'll keep that bit of info on file. Never know. Just might want to try 'em!

KarenAnne -- I don't plan to buy new, but just a whole lot newer than 1991! Soon I'm afraid it will be a matter of HAVE to and I'd rather have a car before it reaches that point.

Anonymous said...