Thursday, April 30, 2009

True Signs of Spring

While I worked on the shed, our resident mother robin-to-be was none too happy with me. She did not like that I had my saw set up about 20 feet from her (and about six or so feet below her).
As long as I was over by the shed, she didn’t seem to care. She didn’t even mind the drill noise as I attached the boards. Even so, I had to very cautiously sneak this shot.

Meanwhile, at my neighbors, I was able to spy on the nest that another mama robin built in their small pine tree. Since it is so low to the ground, we’re keeping a very careful watch on it.

This mother was pretty unflappable. I didn't even notice her at one point and she still stayed put, unlike the mother on my side of the fence.

I guess when I went over with the camera though she must have been on a bio break or something because the nest was empty … except for these!

Outside of the never-ending rain, a cycle we appear to have slid right into, and the ultra-crazy temperatures, these are some of the surest signs of spring that I know. Pretty soon, I’ll be seeing cracked shells on the ground and hearing those high-pitched squawks. I can’t wait!


MonkeyGirl said...

I'm glad that is at your house and not ours - I don't think I could keep the dog away from the nest! I love those eggs - such a true springy color!

Jayne said...

LOVE the photo of the eggs in the nest! So springy!

Mama Martha said...

At our house we usually have a nest of baby rabbits. Something for Goldie to chase around the backyard. Luckily even as babies they are too fast for her!

Anonymous said...

What a great shot and look how blue those eggs are! That is truly spring right there. :)

NV said...

MG -- I know! Aren't they pretty?

Jayne -- Thanks! It really is springy.

MM -- Glad Goldie can't catch them!

kspin -- Thanks! I was just mesmerized by them.

Anonymous said...