Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, Schmonday

I have tried to be a good DIYer and a good blogger the past few days. Both of these activities have dramatically affected my ability to be a good blog reader.

Google Reader has recorded an obscene amount of entries that I've missed. So, I’ll apologize now. If you are accustomed to seeing me regularly read and comment on your blog, I may or may not have been there the past few days. Not that I’ve lost interest. Not that I have any less love for your adventures. I’ve just been waist-deep in my own. I’ll catch up. Honest.

And while I’m sunburned, sore, and exhausted, it feels good. It feels great to have the weather warm again and it feels good to be getting things done. And one of the best feelings of all – it’s Monday, and I’m going back to bed. Right after I take out the trash. (Vacation: Day One begins.)

I think I’ve earned it.


Vicki said...

I feel the same way. My reader number is increasing like the national debt. I hope to get a grip on it, but with all this moving business looming I'm afraid I'm going to stay behind for a while :(

Why S? said...

Hey, I'm just now getting around to catching up with this, 4 days late and after midnight. I try not to do too much blog reading at work. They frown on it. And I do try to toss a little attention to my husband once I finally get home. That means a big game of catch-up every now and then.

Anonymous said...