Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Tale of Two Yards

You can’t tell it now, but the front yard was a horribly overgrown mess this time yesterday. (In fact, I think that might even be understating it.)

I made a few stops on the way home, went to the doctor with the mother (more on this later), and was still outside to the yard by 2:45. THREE mowings, four bags of clippings, and four hours later …

Oh, and it DID reach 90 (and felt every degree of it). Thankfully, the A/C is on and the house is SO comfortable. It really was the first thing I did when I got home yesterday!

You can’t really appreciate the yard unless you know how bad it looked to start with. (And I wasn’t smart enough to snap a before picture.) Ours was the only house in about a three-block radius that wasn’t neatly mowed. Since we get a lot of foot traffic, people were actually gawking and pointing, too. Embarrassing. Well, I guess they’re taking note of the difference today.

But, of course, there’s still the back yard. And Oh. My. God. I so do not want to deal with it. Here’s why. These pictures don't really do justice to just how overgrown it is. It's insane. But, it's my destiny, for today at least.

Assuming I survive that, I may start cutting boards for the shed. It should be a fun day ...


Why S? said...

It looks great. We have the tiniest little yard and it's still too much to keep up with. Our neighbors on all sides have gardeners so when our lawn is overgrown it really stands out. But so far, no pointing (or none that I know of.)

Enjoy that A/C.

Karen Anne said...

My lawn mower just gives up if the grass gets too high.

I feel guilty about hiring someone to cut the lawn, but am I glad he's doing it instead of me.

I have some friends who have cleaning ladies, but my New England upbringing and basic cheapness plus not wanting someone mucking with my stuff :-) prevents me from doing that. Their houses always look so much better than mine, though.

Anonymous said...

Your lawn looks awesome. I do understand the whole embarrassing thing however.

It is 78 here now, I can't take it. This is why I am in the house. I do not do heat well at all. Give me a nice 60 to 70 degree day.


Anonymous said...

Before I moved to a maintenance-provided community, I had a monstrous yard, the mowing of which took up half my life! I feel your pain, truly I do. And I also understand the pressure you feel when you're a day later than your neighbors to mow.
And it IS pressure!

But, you must follow your destiny... And the front yard looks great! And so does your charming house!

NV said...

Why – Well, if they all have gardeners, then you can’t compare. My justification is that one neighbor is unemployed (laid off from the mill) and the others are retired! Thanks. I’m much happier now that it’s cut. When I drove up yesterday, I had to laugh. I was thinking: Whose house is THAT?!

KarenAnne – Don’t you DARE feel guilty about having someone do your yard! Once things are on a little firmer ground around here, I may decide not to buy a new mower after all and just have the yard done. And housekeeping? If I thought I could hire anyone who would meet the mother’s rigorous standards, I’d do that, too!

Michele – Thanks! It’s not perfect, but it definitely looks a whole lot better. We got up to 87 yesterday. I don’t mind hot days – I prefer them actually as long as the A/C is operable. It’s just that the yard was in such bad shape that it was much too strenuous for the heat.

Star – I HATE yard work! I always have. While I like a lot of the DIY stuff, I’ve just never been a yard maintenance kind of gal. Thank you! I’m feeling much better about it now so definitely not embarrassed anymore.

Vicki said...

N, I'm disappointed that you didn't mow your name into the grass. Have I not taught you anything about tall grass? ;)

Anonymous said...